How much does a massage chair cost? Black Friday – You can’t miss in 2021πŸ‘ˆ

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How much does a massage chair cost?

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Struggling with pain and don’t have time for massage therapy? Massage chairs are made for you. Massage chairs provide you instant relief from all the pain due to tensions that build up in your body. Their uses are many, their prices vary accordingly. With increasing features, the price of the massage chair proportionally increases.


The features that you require your massage chair to be equipped with are what decide its price. There is a massage chair available in almost every price range. The basic chairs with simple vibrating motions cost much less than those equipped with modern-day technology.


By investing in a massage chair, you not only save a lot of money, you also can choose to have a massage whenever you want according to your comfort. This investment can go down significantly if you invest in a massage chair this Black Friday to get your hands on heavy discounts and reduced prices.

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Here are some price ranges the massage chairs belong to:

Below $500

These are chairs with minimal features that offer massage through simple vibrating motions. They usually do not have much flexibility in the range of features available. But they do their job of massaging joints and muscles in pain and help you to get some relief after a tiring day of work. You can sit and chill on these chairs for a while to relax and do your rest of the work comfortably.

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Between $500 to $5000

These have more features than lower range massage chairs including heat massage therapy. They also offer full body massage and have more flexibility in the features available. Most of them use roller massage therapy to provide instant relief and target sore body parts. They also come with pre-set massage programs to help you have a great massage experience.

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Above $5000

These are massage chairs with the maximum features and are equipped with modern technology. It offers maximum flexibility and gives its users power to customise and change settings according to their needs. Many chairs in this range come with a full-body scanning technology which scans your body and offers you massage at joints you require it the most. They make you feel weightless and completely relaxed.

Above $5000 massage chairs

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Our Verdict

The best massage chair for you is the one that takes into account all your needs and efficiently provides you relief after a full day of hard work. A lot also depends on how much you can spend on a massage chair. If you want a chair with lots of features but don’t have the budget for the same, you can buy your massage chair during the Black Friday sale to save lots of money and get the best product available in the market in your budget. Happy Shopping!

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