Bodyfriend’s Massage Chair Black Friday deals – You can’t miss in 2021👈

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Bodyfriend is a renowned South Korean-based company that enjoys tons of customer support because of its high-tech features and elegant style. So if you are looking for a comfortable yet reliable massage chair, then this brand should always be on the top of your list.
So let’s take a peek at the bodyfriend massage chair black Friday deal best products to weigh their pros and cons and evaluate their features. So let’s head straight towards this article and figure out the best options possible.

Bodyfriend’s Pharaoh S 2 Massage Chair

This brand’s Pharaoh A II device delivers the extravagance of a unique out-of-the-world relaxation session suitable for any individual, be it skinny or obese. It was built with the capacity and richness to look like a emperor chair to give it a rich feel.

Bodyfriend's Pharaoh S 2 Massage Chair black friday.jpg


  • Sixteen automatic programs
  • Head relaxation session
  • Six relaxation therapy
  • Air constriction procedure
  • Five degrees of power

Pros & Cons

  • Original leather fabric
  • Luxurious style
  • Capable and robust
  • LCD remote button feature
  • Sleek adjustable design
  • Progressive tech therapy features
  • Most expensive among other products

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Bodyfriend’s Phantom 2 Chair

This particular product the company’s most demanded and highly reviewed device in Asia and was built by keeping a plane convenience in a sense.



  • 4D and 3D therapy
  • Four wheeler therapy session to a two-wheeler session
  • Warming and chilling function
  • Chill and warm adjustable features are available at three degrees
  • An SL Track
  • Automatic physique scanning
  • Zero Gravity

Pros & Cons

  • Thigh and leg massage
  • Sixteen auto features
  • Head massage
  • Computerized thigh tract
  • USB tech with music features
  • Progressive technology
  • Costly for its range

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We hope this article provided you with a deeper insight into the bodyfriend massage chair black Friday deal and has somewhat proved informative for you to consider your options. Just keep track of your requirements and then decide the same lines. For more information, try to visit the company’s website to compare their products for choosing wisely or else, check out other models like the kahuna massage chairs.


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